Monday, September 26, 2011

Meagan Good is “Smoking” Hot + Nude Leaked Photo

Actress Meagan Good was spotted out and about puffing on a ciggy in her gym clothes a few days ago. Meagan’s name was a hot topic on various social networks these past few days after a scandalous nude photo of the star in a VERY compromising position leaked online.
Several sites posted the image and one even reported that an explicit tape would be following.
This picture of Meagan supposedly getting “banged”, is now floating around the Internet and it has a sex tape to go with it.
The revealing image circulated very quickly and while the woman with the caramel complexion looks exactly like the young star, there were many who had their doubts.
I mean… Meagan’s a star-ah!  Did she really trade in the big screen for a life of weekly AID’s testing after  hob-knobbing with Mr. Marcus and his crew?
Is it really Meagan Good in the photo or has she been a victim of photoshop?
Find out below…
The photo above is what caused the stir, it was originally posted on Instagram. [Click  for full uncensored photo (NSFW)]
In the full uncensored photo, which you can view HERE (NSFW) you can notice several flaws in the photoshop job if you look hard enough and while it is definitely Megan’s face, the photo was altered.
So, unfortunately for all you drooling fellas out there, it is NOT Meagan in the pic…

 Case Closed!

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